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Roadside Relics

Roadside Relics: Epemera from the Recent Past

The opening credits to the program "Happy Days" features a jukebox playing Bill Haley and the Comets. The Blackhawk Museum now features American Jukeboxes and Gas Pumps as part of its permanent exhibitions. Many of the jukeboxes in this exhibit are from the heyday of the jukebox in the 1940's and 1950's. So come and bask in the warm glow of such iconic pieces as the Wurlitzer Bubbler and the Mother of Plastic and remember waiting for your favorite song.

1946 Filben Maestro

1946 Packard Manhattan

1946 AMI Mother of Plastic

1948 Rock-Ola Model 1428

Inside a Rock-Ola

1937 Wurlitzer Model 24

Inside a Wurlitzer

1939 Wurlitzer 600

1952 Seeburg M100C Select-O-Matic

1955 Seeburg V-200 Select-O-Matic

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